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Anintra is a cost-effective, simple to use app. Used by businesses of all sizes to improve their company’s productivity and service delivery. Regardless of your staff individual geographic location. Everyone can connect and collaborate remotely.

You can choose specific list of features that meets your need;


  1. Secure Chat and Video Conferencing: this is a high-performance real-time communication feature for effective team collaboration and virtual meeting.
  2. HR Manager: this feature contains human resource tools like training, recruitment, leave, payroll, attendance talent management, e-learning etc.
  3. Project Management: this contains highly effective project management tools like time tracking, task management, gant charts etc for your staff.
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): this contains tools like customer support & product catalogs for both staff and customers to help improve your company’s overall customer experience.
  5. Social intranet: cool Intranet and a private social network to connect your team and increase the excitement vibe within your organization.
  6. Document management: a very secure and efficient online file storage system that incorporates file sharing capabilities among your team.
  7. User groups: this feature enables you to setup unlimited workgroups (virtual business units) for your entire organization.
  8. IT Help Desk: this contains features that enable your IT team to effectively support the organization.
  9. Asset Management: this contains features that enable you to manage company assets with inbuilt inventory functionalities. Making it easy for you to manage your company assets.
  10. Calendars: this is a feature rich calendar with both personal and group schedules for all your teams.
  11. Framework Flexibility: Anintra is a very flexible and built to accommodate all possible features just to meet your organization need.
  12. On-cloud or On-premise: Anintra can be setup to be hosted either on-cloud or within your company premises.

And many more features


Aneo-Feedback is a cost-effective feedback app for businesses. This app gives businesses a platform to collect customer opinions about their product and services, hereby enabling businesses to create excellent customer service.


  1. Voice of the Customer Tool: This tool makes it easy for your customers to communicate about their experiences directly to you. This will enable you make timely improvements and avoid creating repetitive bad customer experience.
  2. Survey Tool: This tool focuses on getting detailed insight regarding user experience in relation to the product or service you offer.
  3. Online Review Tool: A great way of building up trust among your visitors online. Also useful as a digital marketing tool for improving your ranking online.


Software: on your Websites, apps and social media channels.
Kiosks: Banking halls, Cinemas, Restaurants, Canteens, Hotels etc.


Accessible via Mobile Devices

Accessible via all Online Platforms

Accessible via Touch point kiosks


HMS is a comprehensive application designed specifically for hospitals of all sizes. To effectively manage the deliverables of an hospital establishment for better efficiency.



Process Workflow: This feature enables hospital management to have a overview of a patients journey from hospital reception all the way to finance or payment unit.

Patients MAnagemnt: This feature makes it easy to manage patients’ visits, health records, prescriptions, and other history.

Prescription Management: this functionality makes it easy to monitor prescriptions.

Client Management: effective at managing organization relationship with various category of clients whether it be private, corporate or HMO.

Hospital Accounting:  this module is very useful at managing all hospital billings and accounting.

Hospital Staff Access Management: from MD to Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist, Lab Officials, patients etc. All user type have access and roles on the app.

Report Management: reporting system for easy monitoring.

E-Health Module: this feature makes it easy to literally run an online hospital.


This is is a very effective corporate communication tool used by organizations to communicate sensitive information with their mobile workforce. Regardless of their geographical location, broad-comm makes it easy to skip the distraction of chat platforms and get much needed sensitive information to their staff.


We develop and provide bespoke software solutions to company of all sizes.

Talent Outsourcing

  • Engineering Talents
  • Service Delivery Talents

In Aneolab, we have a very skilled and proficient team of professionals who are experienced in software development, information technology.

We outsource talents in customer service, and other service delivery related professionals.

Process Automation Solutions

  • Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation solutions enables businesses to automate monotonous and repetitive tasks, tasks which makes processes prone to human errors.
Business and operational processes can be automated with the help of a robot workforce that can handle various tasks without the pain of developing software. It increases accuracy and efficiency in service delivery hereby saving costs.