Class 1: Research
Class 2: Generate Blog Content


We are a (Company Niche eg SOLAR COMPANY) in Nigeria. Write a blog article, SEO-optimized that will rank high on google, 100% unique that answers the question (CHANGE TO QUESTION FROM RESEARCH). Use only simple words, generate an engaging title for the post, and give me the 10 SEO keywords. Focus on the benefits to potential clients looking to purchase (Company service eg CLEANING SERVICE) in Nigeria. End the post with a CTA. Make the post sound very human

Class 3: WordPress Login | Onpage SEO | Keyword Optimization | CTA
PROMPT (MICROSOFT COPILOT) Describe what you want: A realistic 3d of [describe what you want here] eg. A realistic 3d of sun light shining on a solar panels, batteries, inverter installed on roof by a black man installer
Class 5: Generating Scroll-Stopping Blog Titles
Title Generator AI Tool
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