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I honestly believe that this quick read can save you hours if not days of google-searching, so please read to the end. Using the right tools to get work done can determine whether you achieve set goals in the most cost-effective manner. 2020 was a year that sent shocks waves through every economic organ of the various nations around the world. Whether you are a professional or a business owner, everyone felt the impact of the global challenges of 2020. These situations have steered up awareness about the importance of using business tools to facilitate various aspects of a business like sales, marketing, employee productivity, and business management. Concepts like remote work, automation, laptop lifestyle became buzzwords everywhere.

During this period, many of us that are tech-inclined got so many consultancy offers and advisory requests than we knew to handle. The interesting thing was that it came from all angles, family, friends, clients, customers even acquaintances. Questions like “what tool can I use to do this or that” were popping up everywhere. Those questions are still coming in till date, so my team and I decided to take a few days to do some research on tools with good to great customer reviews, across categories like; Sales, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Market Research, Customer Support, Social Tools, HR, Project Management, Web Hosting, Ecommerce, etc. My team and I use many of these tools to serve our clients, so feel free to reach out if you need help.

After our 3 days of in-depth research, we were able to compile a detailed list of free and paid tools that can make any professional a rock star in their place of work and stimulate business growth for a business owner. For the paid ones, I was able to get discounted deals for the following; Shoutcart, Fiverr, Bluehost, Spitly, and Hostgator. Feel free to check out their functions and the special offers in the tools directory. I have also taken time to organize the list in a searchable and filterable directory type database. This makes it easy for you to visit and search it anytime you want. Please rate this post below if you find this useful. Wishing you a most restful weekend, Chao!


Featured image credit: Weidel on Winning dot Com

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