Power Up Your Businesses With Our Intranet Modules

We all know the life-blood of a successful business is a strong team of people working together to achieve a common business goal. Just imagine your team collaborating in a well-coordinated manner, communicating in a well connected way with hyper-productive performance.

Our Intranet Solutions optimizes your team performance with powerful application modules;

  1. HR Management Module
  2. CRM Module
  3. Project Management Module
  4. IT Management Module
  5. Accounting Module
  6. Inventory Module
  7. Asset Management Module

Anintra HR Module

Power Up Your Workforce with Anintra HR Tools
This App provides an easy-to-use Employee Management tool. Packed with the below listed amazing features & more!

  • Manage company information
  • Add & manage office locations
  • Add & manage departments
  • Add & manage designations
  • Add & manage employee
  • Share announcements
  • Manage holidays
  • Leave request and management
  • Robust reporting
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management
  • Attendance Management

Anintra CRM Module

Customer Relationship Management Streamlined. This mobile-ready, easy-to-use tool will enable CX and Sales teams easily track and follow up leads, subscribers & clients. Build long-lasting relations with our feature-rich open CRM app.

  • Create and Manage Contact
  • Add & Manage reminders, information, comments of Customer.
  • In-built Email
  • Activity Logs
  • Meeting and Call Schedule
  • Assign Tasks to
  • Advanced Contact Filtering and Search
  • Effective B2B Management
  • Robust Reporting
  • Easy Contact Categorization

Anintra Project Management Module

Smartly manage your teams to be more productive at work with our project manager module to manage work and deliver projects timely. This will help your create, organize, & assign projects, tasks, to-dos, faster than ever. Manage your work with deadlines, milestones, subtasks, activities, progress reports & advanced insights.

  • Team discussion
  • Create Milestones
  • Gantt Chart
  • Task List
  • Email
  • Notifications
  • File Management
  • Recurring Task
  • Fine-Grained Permissions
  • Calendar
  • Kanban Board
  • Interactive Task Calendar
  • Priority Management
  • Advanced Reports

Anintra Accounting Module

Talk about Accounting for non-accountants. This intuitive & interactive system makes it possible for beginners to understand & work smoothly with trial balance, ledger report, balance sheets, income statement & more even without understanding debits & credits. See some features below;

  • View Sales Transactions
  • Create Estimations
  • Create Invoice
  • Sales Tax
  • Track Expense Transactions
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Journals for Double-Entry System
  • Internal Cash Transfer
  • Robust Reports

Anintra Asset Management Module

This Module Helps The Likes of Admin Unit to Keep track of all the asset of your workplace without any hassle, Manage your office tools with ease, assign assets to employees and manage staff requests.

  • Instant Filtering Options
  • Add and Manage Company Asset
  • Add and Manage Products As Assets
  • Add and Manage Items Attributes
  • Robust Assets Report
  • Email Reminder
  • Travel and Asset Request.
  • Approve or Decline Request

Anintra Inventory Module

This Module will Enable Stock management for your products within an interactive inventory management system that seamlessly works with invoicing, stock and many more, see more features below;

  • Import New Products to Inventory
  • Automatic Tax Calculations
  • Create Robust Reporting
  • Perform Advanced Search 
  • Product Overview Dashboad

Anintra IT Module

Seamlessly manage IT Support Request form one place wth this powerful module. Communicate & solve complaints faster with a cetral management interface that keeps track of all tech support request.

  • Import Previous Support Queries
  • Assign Request to tech personnels
  • View all tickets & categorize
  • View ticket number, subject & status
  • So much more feature
Accross Client Base
The Project Management tool is really amazing. We area production team and it has helped us coordination our projects very efficiently.
Emily Dyre
Video Editor @ Dyre Cuts
My freelance accouting business really needed a boost and we got itusing Anintra Accounting Module. Good job to the Aneolab Team. I look forwards to future updates.
Maya Ajani
HR Management became easier for us using Anintra.
S&k Consulting
IT Management is easier with your IT Module, there is always toom for improvement through.
Lead Support Personnel
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