4 Strategies To Building An Active Online Audience

NB: These Strategies will help you grow an active online audience on any social network.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or an Employed Professional, building an online audience can be beneficial in several ways. There are several statistics that shows that online communities are exploding especially following the recent global crisis. Online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit and many others have proven to be very valuable for both business and career people. Whether for research, information gathering, making new friends, creating new products, learning and development or even finding a life partner, the possibilities are endless online.

So having a big Instagram or Twitter following can be very lucrative for marketing, increasing sales and driving traffic for businesses. Even generating extra income streams for individuals who promote other people’s products and services to their online audience. I spoke about harnessing these opportunities in detail inside my book – Instagram Monetization Techniques. If you are looking to make extra income as a side gig or you desire to kick your 9 to 5 to the curbs while travel the world, you should definitely get Instagram Monetization Techniques.

However, there’s more to this than just a numbers game. Simply having lots of followers on Instagram or Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The key is having active followers – people who not only follow you but actively like and comment on your posts. These are the people that you want to target when growing your audience.

We’ve all heard of people buying Instagram followers, and while they have impressive numbers in the tens and hundreds of thousands, those followers don’t mean anything. They are purely aesthetic in nature. That’s not what we’re trying to do. We want interaction with our audience. Having this kind of engaging audience for example can help when you are trying to create a best selling products.

1. State A Clear Definition Of Your Audience

We all know that there is something powerful about being clear about our goals, it is no difference here. State clearly the kind of people you want your online audience to be made up of and what value you plan to offer them as service. Of course whatever you state should be in alignment with your niche, their interests, social networks you want to gain them on, numbers of people you want to attract within a specific time frame.

2. Be Consistent At Serving Them Value

There are some simple things we can implement to help organically grow our online audience. The first is to post value consistently. This means you want to post contents that your kind of audience will find valuable periodically, maybe daily, bi-weekly or weekly. Just try to work with a schedule that you stay true to, but that’s not all, it also means that you should stick to a particular theme. For example on Instagram, you can absolutely post a beautiful landscape photo one day, and a picture of a gaming computer the next, but it is most beneficial to stick to one theme for all of your posts.

3. Interact With Your Audience Like Real People

You’ve got the consistency down, and that’s great, but it doesn’t end there. You should also be interacting with the people in your community. When someone comments on your post, take the time to acknowledge that comment – like it, and reply to them. You will notice increased interaction over time if you take the initiative of talking to them like real people not just virtual audience.
Your interaction doesn’t stop at your posts. You should also spend time every day scrolling through hashtags that are relevant to the information you share on online. While you scroll through, it’s important that you keep liking and commenting on posts. What’s the best way to draw people to your page? Show genuine appreciation for their page and content too!

4. Be An Online Normad

If you are looking to quickly amass a large audience there is a fairly simple and straight-forward strategy you can follow that has proven itself time and time again. This requires that you go to and networks and pages with large engagements that are similar in content to yours. Then, in addition to following the basic rules of consistency and interactions, you will go to the page of your choosing and connect, follow and engage. Typically, you want to engage with 25 to 35 people in a single session. In those engagement activities, offer value by pointing them to information that will be useful to them. That will help you build credibility and attract more people to be a part of your audience.


Growing your online audience can be very important for business purposes or creating online income strategies. If you follow this basic rules, remember to always give value to people, and are willing to put in the time and work, you can easily see an increase in your online audience on any social network. Which will definitely accrue benefits to you or your business over time.

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